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Money Saving Travel Tips
That Significantly Reduce Your Travel Cost

There are many money saving travel tips available. Some can make big impact on your total travel budget while other less so, but when added together they can add up to some considerable savings.

So how can you save money when travelling? We show you how you can save money before you travel, during your travels, and the importance of making a travel budget.

Things You Can Save Money On While Travelling

With careful planning and following few money saving tips you can save some money on all aspects of your travelling. You can save money on the actual travel cost, like how much you pay for flights and accommodation but also on how much you spend while travelling, like sightseeing, food, shopping, etc.

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Plan Your Trip Carefully
And You Can Save Money

We have the tendency to concentrate on the cost of getting to our travel destination and staying there.

That is how much we spend on the actual travelling to and from our chosen destination and how much we pay for accommodation while staying there.

Rightly so as these can be high amounts so all savings can make major difference to our travel cost.

This however means we sometimes overlook how much we spend while travelling... or even before we go anywhere.

Depending on your destinations and the purpose of your trip, this other travel cost can sometimes exceed the actual cost of getting there and staying there.

We therefore divide our money saving travel tips into three main categories.

Money Saving Travel Tips
Before You Go

With careful planning, you can save money even before you start your journey.

You might need to renew or buy some items before you go. You might need new piece of luggage or new swimming suit. You might want to use this opportunity and finally get yourself the eBook reader you always wanted or you might want to renew your walking boots before your hiking holiday. Reading product reviews and comparing prices could save you significant amount of money.

The actual travel cost of getting to your destination, by plane, train or car, is one thing. Many people forget to consider the extra cost of getting to and from you travel centre, i.e. airport or train station when travelling by plane or train.

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Parking Fees Can Be High

If you drive there yourself you must consider the fuel cost as well as the parking fees.

Shopping around for car parking can save you fair amount of money, as might choosing another mode of transportation, like taking train or bus.

Taking taxi might even be cheaper than parking your car, especially if going on longer duration journeys.

You might even look into renting a car for the day and leave it at the airport on your departure and again when you come back... dropping it off in your hometown.

How you travel to and from your travel centre depends on many things, like how far away you live, how long is your journey, how many people are travelling together, etc.

Ps. do not forget your travel insurance, we offer advice on how to find the cheapest travel holiday insurance for your needs.

Did You Know

Experts have estimated that by securing your travel currency exchange rate in advance you will get on average between 5 to 8% better conversion rates on your travel money exchange.

Money Saving Travel Tips
Getting There And Staying There

Where you choose to stay and whom you travel with can have immense affect on your total travel cost. Doing your homework properly does really pay off in this area.

When you book your flight can affect the price. Is it better to book your travel really early or should you look for last minute deals? Does it matter when you travel, e.g. if you travel off peak, during the day on a weekday? Will the price go up or down if you extend your airport search? We provide answer to these questions and more.

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Compare Your Flights Prices Correctly

One important factor when comparing flight prices is to make sure you are comparing apple to apple.

One airline might include service that is charged for by other airlines, e.g. checking in luggage, booking fees, etc. This is especially valid when you are comparing flight prices between so called discount and non-discount airlines.

We have advice on how to navigate your way around the complicated airlines pricing structure. We look at how travel search engines can help you to find cheaper flights and if discount airlines always offer the lowest prices.

Similar applies when looking for the right hotel at the right price. Should you book early or late? Should you ask for special rate? You might even be entitled to some discounted rate anyway. Our hotel travel tips help you to find the right hotel for you and your travel needs.

Then again, secret hotels are maybe the best-kept money saving travel secret. Secret hotel deals can mean up to 70% off quality brand hotels in top locations worldwide... allowing you to stay in top hotel accommodation for the fraction of the hotels' list price. We help you to discover the secret behind Secret hotels.

Shopping around for flights and accommodation is perhaps the easiest way to save some money when travelling but it's not the only way...

Money Saving Travel Tips
While Travelling

There are many ways to save money when travelling. Some tips on saving money when travelling can have big impact on your total travel cost, while others may save you some pennies.

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Easy To Save Money
While Travelling

Little things can quickly add up to big savings. We offer some easy to follow advice on how to save money on food and drink, sightseeing, local transportation, communication, etc.

With careful planning, you can usually save substantial amounts on sightseeing and activities at your holiday destination.

If you are travelling to big cities, like London or Paris, you might be able to save some money with city passes.

The cost of food and drinks also adds up amazingly quickly, we offer advice on what and where to eat when travelling.

There is maybe no easier, or more fun, way to save money when travelling then claiming VAT refund of your purchases abroad. We help you to find out if you can claim VAT refund on your purchases abroad, and how much you might be able to save that way.

Money Saving Travel Tips
Why Making Travel Budget Is Such A Good Idea?

Preparing detailed travel budget will significantly enhance your likelihood of saving money when travelling.

Just making a travel budget is likely to save you considerable amount of money. Making travel budget will not only get you thinking about how much you can or want to spend... it will also get you thinking how you can get the most for your hard earned cash.

You take better decisions when you know what things cost to you. Do you want to dine out every night when you know that you can do two full day excursions if you dine out only every other night? If you do not prepare budget you might not know this and do both... and seriously spend more than you can, or wanted to.

Just making the budget will make you aware of the cost involved and that on its own will make you spend less. However, the best budget travel advice is to make and stick to your travel budget - that can save you serious amount of money when travelling.

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