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About Us
The People Behind Top Travel Tips

Our names are Birgir and Asa Gislason and we are married couple in our forties. Travelling is our hobby and passion. We have so far travelled to 70 countries in all continents (except Antarctica, which we hope to do some day). We have also lived and worked in three countries in Europe.

We have travelled extensively on business - in Europe, US and Asia. We have travelled even more for leisure, including travelling around the world for a whole year. That truly was a trip of a lifetime.

We have planned and organized all our holidays our self and we enjoy sharing our travel experience with you.

Who Researches and Writes The Top Travel Tips Content?

We do.

Who Is Top Travel Tips Intended For?

Top Travel Tips is intended to provide relevant and practical travel tips and advice for anyone that is going on a trip.

We go through the basics for those that are new to traveling, but we also offer more advanced tips and advice that should benefit all travelers.

Even the most experienced traveler should find something of interest at Top Travel Tips. The less experienced should find much more.

We want to be your trusted partner during your travel planning preparation.

Who Takes The Photos?

We have taken most of the travel photos used on Top Travel Tips ourselves.

Any photos or images that are not ours are either used with permission or have been commercially obtained. We also like to offer special thanks to Stock.XCHNG (SXC) and Flickr.


We welcome all feedback from our readers. We want Top Travel Tips to be as good as possible and your feedback will help us to achieve that goal.

So any comments and suggestions to improve the accuracy of the information and services on this site are highly appreciated. To contact us, please use our Contact Us form.

You can also use the contact form if you have any questions about us or Top Travel Tips.

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