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Kids Ski Clothes
Buying Guide

The purpose of kids ski clothes is to keep them warm and dry while skiing but they also play an important role in protecting your children if they fall.

What To Have In Mind
When Buying Kids Ski Clothes

In principle, the same applies for children ski clothes as when buying skiing clothes for adults.

The best way to control body temperature outdoors is to wear Clothing Layers, i.e. wearing few thin clothes is much more efficient than wearing one thick garment. This allows your kid to take off and put on layers of clothing as needed.

The three-layer system means wearing base layer next to your body, middle layer on top of that and then finally the outer layer.

The Base Layer

The base layers are the clothes that are in direct contact with your skin, i.e. underwear, socks and tops. The most important aspect when choosing bottom layer is its ability to wick perspiration away from the skin to the middle layer.

The Middle Layer

This is the insulation layer and is the second layer of clothing, i.e. goes on top of your base layer but under your outer layer. The middle layer has two functions, to keep your child warm and to transport moisture and excess heat away from the body. Fleece is an ideal and common choice for middle layer these days.

The Outer Layer

Ski Jacket, Ski Pants and snowsuits are the outer skiing clothes layer and plays vital role in protecting your child from the elements. It must therefore be weatherproof, i.e. water- and windproof, as well as durable and breathable.

It is vital that each layer is made of breathable fabric, i.e. to allow the moisture (sweat) from the body to escape. Why? Because, when you are active outdoors, you tend to sweat, but when you stop your activity, you will cool down quickly if your perspiration cannot escape away from your body.

There are however some extra considerations you need to have in mind when buying children ski clothes.

Which Size To Buy

Children are still growing so which size to buy is an important decision, ideally you do not want your child to grow too quickly out of their kids ski clothes.

Kids skiing clothes must fit well, i.e. allow them satisfying freedom of movement. Too big or too small ski clothes can restrict their movements and hence increase the risk of accidents and injuries. For example, too long pants could come trapped in their ski bindings.

Your children ski clothes should be loose enough to allow them to wear layers when needed but tight enough to keep them warm when they are wearing no or less layers. It is better to buy cheaper clothes but more often, i.e. as your child grows.

Top Kids Ski Clothes Travel Tips

Would it not be great if your children ski clothes would grow with your child? Actually some do.

For example, many of Obermeyer incorporate so-called I-Grow system, which increases the garments longevity with expandable sleeves and cuffs. The sleeves can be extended by 1½ inch, while the cuffs can be extended up to 2 inches.

Your Child Age And Ability

Kids ski clothes vary somewhat in style depending your child age, e.g. toddler ski clothes tend to be different from what your older children are wearing.

Snowsuits are for example popular toddler ski clothes as snow cannot get up their back as happens when wearing separate ski jacket and ski pants. Your older children are unlikely to accept wearing them... unless they come back in fashion for their age group.

Not all children of same age need the same children ski clothes either, i.e. their skiing ability will affect what kind of skiing gear and skiing clothes they need.

Price And Practicality

Kids skiing clothes come in all price range and practicality usually plays big part in deciding which price range to go for, i.e. which Kids Skiing Clothes does your child really need.

You are likely to be willing to consider better quality ski gear for kids that go skiing often. You might even consider your kids skiing clothes as an investment in a healthy sport they love... and this healthy passion is likely to last them a lifetime.

Less quality ski clothes might be sufficient if they are mainly used on family ski vacations, maybe once or twice per skiing season.

The climate you live in might even play a role here. Ski clothes are excellent cold weather clothes and can be used when off the slopes as well.

There are more ways to get more out of your kids ski clothes. The clothes could be handed down if you have more than one child or you could lend them to your friends... or borrow some from them.

When your child has outgrown their kids ski clothes, you can try to sell them on eBay or through some local website or sell them through garage sale.

Buying Kids Ski Clothes On-line

It is easy and convenient to buy children ski clothes on-line. Amazon offers wide range of kids ski clothes at very competitive prices and large range. Their customer support and return policy means you can buy ski clothes for your kids with confidence.

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