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How To Find The Right Ski Pants
For Your Ski Vacation

Good ski pants are essential gear for all skiers. The purpose of your snow sports pants is to keep you dry and warm but also to protect you if you fall.

What To Look For
When Buying Ski Pants

Ski and snowboard pants, like ski jackets, should keep you warm and dry and must therefore be weatherproof, i.e. water- and windproof, as well as breathable and durable.

Your ski or snowboard pants also play important role in protecting you if you fall, so most have some padding in strategic places.

Freedom of movement is important as well, i.e. the style of your snow sports pants is important and they must be good fit.

The material keeps you dry and warm, the padding protects you and your ski pants and the style affects your comfort and freedom of movement.

The Material

Your skiing clothes have to be able to withstand the elements so they must be weatherproof, i.e. wind- and waterproof, as well as breathable and durable. See this article on Ski Jacket for more information about what makes skiing clothes weatherproof.

Dressing in layers is highly recommended for any outdoor activities and not least when skiing. Wearing layers is the best way to control your temperature when outdoors.

Good pair of ski pants consists of all three layers, i.e. includes inner layer that wicks away moisture, a mid layer that moves the moisture towards the surface and breathable outer layer that lets the moisture out but keeps heat in. This means you do not need to wear any additional layers unless you are skiing in very cold climate.

Ski or snowboard pants with two layers are also common. They have waterproof and breathable outer shell with thin moisture wicking insulation layer. This should be sufficient on a good day but you might want to add a layer on colder days.

The Pants Padding

Even the most experienced skiers have some falls and tumbles and the less experienced tend to have more than few. You snow sports pants play important role in protecting you when you fall so look for pants that have extra padding and protection in the areas that tend to take the most beating, i.e. your knees and buttocks.

Padding not only protects your body, they also reduce the risk of tearing your pants, which would make them lose their weatherproof ability.


There are many different styles of snow sports pants available. Which one to go for is mostly about personal preference but there are few things worth bearing in mind before deciding which style to go for.

Freedom of movement is important when skiing. Heavily padded ski or snowboard pants are good choice for beginners but skiers that are more experienced might go for less bulky trouser, i.e. allowing them more freedom of movement.

Good fit is also important. Your snow sports pants should fit well, i.e. not too tight nor too loose. They should be loose enough to allow you to wear layers when needed but tight enough to keep you warm when you are wearing no or less layers. Also, make sure they are not so long that they could get trapped in your ski bindings.

They should not only be comfortable but also add comfort to your skiing experience. Many snow sports pants now come with advanced stretching that makes them extra comfortable. Many also have high waist or back to close the gap between the jacket and pants, i.e. snow will not get in between them. You also want lower leg zippers for easier dressing and boot access.

Functionality should always be more important than fashion... but luckily, it is now quite easy to combine good look with great functionality.

Buying Ski Pants On-line

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