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Top 10 Romantic Travel Tips
For Your Perfect Romantic Getaway

We at have selected these top ten romantic travel tips for those who are planning or going on a romantic vacation.

Being able to go on a romantic getaway is a great privilege. Romantic vacations adds spice and flavor to any relationship... even to the strongest of relationships.

1. Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Romantic getaway will not solve any problems in relationships on its own. As romantic travel destination will not make your vacation romantic on its own.

It is therefore important to keep your expectations realistic. Don't expect any miracles, but work on it and your romantic break should be successful.

2. Set The Mood

Romance is all about feelings but you cannot plan feelings. You can however set the mood.

Three champagne bottles in a table cooler

It is easy to set the mood

If the atmosphere is romantic then your romantic getaway is likely to be a success.

How do you set the mood? There are many ways to do so and most couple have their own favorite ways to get into romantic frame of mind.

These romantic travel tips will give you some ideas but you will know what works best for you and your partner.

Romantic mood is about how we behave, about what we say and what we do... not about where we go.

3. Choose Your Romantic Travel Destination Carefully

It is important to choose the right romantic travel destination for you and your loved one. Not all couples have the same taste and what they consider as romantic travel destination can vary greatly. Some prefer luxury beach resorts while others prefer isolated cozy mountain hut.

The related articles at the end of these romantic travel tips will help you to find the right romantic travel destination for your budget and preferences.

4. Live In The Present But Talk And Listen

When on a romantic vacation it is important to live in the present, not dwell in the past. Do not bring your daily problems with you on your romantic breaks, nor your concerns about the future.

Two hearts

Romantic tips for red hot romance

You cannot change the past so concentrate on each other now. This is also likely to be the best you can do for your relationship in the future.

Living in the present does though not mean you cannot talk about your lives, your dreams, your hopes, your fears. Just make sure your talk is constructive, not destructive.

Do not dwell on what has happened - rather concentrate how to make things even better in the future.

So talk to each other... and as importantly listen to each other. Lack of communication is a common cause for problems in relationships.

5. Watch Your Language - Including Your Body Language

What affects the romantic mood is not only what you say that matters, but it is also, how you say it. Try to say only nice things to each other. Avoid loaded negative words. Use more “us” and less “you” and don't forget to praise each other regularly.

Body language is also an important part of how we communicate and it is especially important when setting the right mood. Behaving like newlyweds is not only allowed, it is highly recommended.

You must of course be respectful of your fellow human beings and the culture at your romantic travel destination, but use every opportunity to touch a lot... hold hands, sneak a kiss, etc.

6. Relax And Laugh

Couple drinking coffee in outside coffee shop

Enjoy spending time together

Many of us believe that laughter is the best medicine to everything... as well as great aphrodisiac.

This does not mean you have to hoard new jokes before going on your romantic getaway, or play the clown (usually not a good idea).

Just relax, enjoy each other's company and look out for the funny things in life... there are plenty of amusing things to laugh at if you keep your eyes and ears open.

7. Make Romantic Gestures

Small gifts and surprises are likely to be highly appreciated. The thoughtfulness behind such romantic gestures is likely to enhance the romantic atmosphere even further.

Romantic gestures do not have to cost a fortune. Actually, being creative and personal can be more romantic and memorable than buying some expensive mass produced gift.

8. Make Love

Making love is likely to play part in most romantic vacations. It is though important to keep expectations realistic in this area as well.

Make it about quality not quantity. Being on a romantic getaway should allow you to take more time to enjoy your intimacy... seize the opportunity.

9. Do Romantic Things Together And Try New Things

Two kids dressed up about kissing each other

Try doing new things together

When on romantic vacation you should do things together.

Rather than one heading to the golf course and the other to the spa... try doing one or both activities together.

Trying new things together is also very bonding, we tend to remember the first time we do something better than when repeating the experience.

10. Bring Back Special Souvenir

Bring back something that you can watch or touch when back home... to relive the wonderful time you had on your romantic getaway. It does not have to be expensive, just something that the two of you will cherish because it reminds you of the good times you have shared.

Actually, we would like to add one extra romantic travel tips...

11. Follow The Top 10 Romantic Travel Tips When Back Home

We hope these top 10 romantic travel tips are useful and wish you a safe and romantic journey. Please share your favorite romantic travel tips with us.