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Packing Checklists For Diabetics

Diabetics packing checklists must include all the diabetic travel supplies you need during your journey.

At the end of this article, you will find a download button to download a PDF version of our free packing list for diabetics.

Diabetes Packing Tips

First, some general diabetes packing tips:

  • Pack twice as much insulin, syringes or pens, needles or tablets, test strips, etc. as you expect to need
    • Pack facilities to test your blood sugar (even if you have an established insulin regimen) as insulin may be absorbed faster in warmer climates
  • Pack your insulin and other diabetic travel kits in your carry-on luggage if travelling by plane
    • If you are travelling with other people, let them carry part of your diabetes medical supply (so if one bag gets lost or stolen you will not lose all your diabetic travel supplies)
    • If travelling alone, store emergency supply separately, e.g. in a small insulin cooling case wallet kept in your pocket while the majority of your diabetic travel supplies are kept in your carry-on piece
    • Have your diabetes medical supplies easily accessible and pack your insulin in clear plastic bag if you are flying, i.e. to speed up when going through airport security
  • Pack ample supply of snack to cover any delays or disruptions in your normal diet (though avoid liquid form if flying)
  • Make copies of all your travel documents and store them separately from your originals, also leave a copy at home with a friend or family member
    • Do not forget to copy your doctor's letter, confirming that you need your liquid insulin and diabetic equipments on board the plane with you
    • Make sure to pack a list of all your medication, it can be extremely useful if you need to replace any while travelling
  • Wearing diabetes identity card is always a good idea, whether you are travelling or not. So is carrying a simple first aid kit with you at all times

What Should
Packing Checklists For Diabetics Include?

The packing list for diabetics is based on Top Travel Tips general packing checklists with minor adjustments. It also includes special section for diabetic travel supplies.

If you inject your insulin, you will need your blood test machine, lancing device, blood test sensors, hypo treatment, insulin cartridges, insulin pens (long and short acting) and needles.

Insulin pump users need to pack reservoirs, infusion sets, infusion set inserter, bottles insulin, batteries for pump, blood test machine, lancing device, blood test sensors and hypo treatment.

You might also want to take a travel weighing scale with you. As well as insulin cooler, or cooling case wallet, if you are going somewhere hot and humid, or if you do not have access to a fridge at your destination.

You might also want to travel in special diabetic socks, as well as bring any other diabetic travel kits that you think will make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable. Have a look at Top Travel Tips Diabetic Travel Supplies for inspiration and International Air Travel for our top 10 list of in-flight comfort products.

For your convenience, you can download and print our free Top Travel Tips packing checklists for diabetics template by clicking on the download button below. Note you will need Adobe Reader to view the packing checklists.

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