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Beach Clothes And Accessories
For The Perfect Day At The Beach

Beach clothes are practical choice for a day at the beach, whether you are going to your local beach or going on a beach vacation. We go through the benefits of beachwear and investigate which item you really need in your beach wardrobe.

Why Beach Clothes?

The main benefit of special beachwear is the practicality. Good beachwear can withstand the rough environment, i.e. sun, sand and sea. They tend to be wrinkle free and dry quickly, and many offer clever storage options to store your personal belongings safely.

Three ladies sitting on a beach in beach clothes

Beach wear is designed to withstand the elements

Most of us want to look our best when on holiday, including the time we spend on the beach.

The extensive availability of beach clothes makes it easy for everyone to find something for their taste and budget.

You can find high fashion beach wear, including designer brands, as well as more classic looking beach clothes.

It is not enough to bring just your beach swimwear and towel to the beach, you also need swimwear coverups, i.e. when going to and from the beach, getting refreshment and dining at beach restaurants / cafes.

No matter how great your body is, you should cover up when not sunbathing. It is considerate towards others (especially when dining in public places), and most of us anyway look even better when something is left for the imagination.

It is though not only about modesty, it is also about protecting our skin from the sun. Wearing skimpy beach swimwear for length of time can do damage to our skin, clever swimwear coverups allow us to enjoy staying out in the sun for longer.

This is why dressing in layers is the best choice as always, i.e. easy to take your beach clothes off and put them on again.

What Do You Need
In Your Beach Clothes Wardrobe?

Beach Swimwear

You will of course need good and well-fitted beach swimwear. There are so many great swimwears available - you should not have any problem finding something you like. There are though few things worth having in mind when buying your beach swimwear.

How to choose the Right Ladies Swimwear For Your Body Shape advices which swimwear features complement different female body shapes, and which best to avoid.

How to buy the Right Swimwear For Men advices how to find the right swimwear for men, i.e. what to look for, how to get the size right and what style fits best different body shapes.

Those that want to optimize their tan should consider Tan Through Swimwear, the best invention since sliced bread in many opinion.

Swimwear Coverups

You will also need some form of swimwear coverups, again there are lots of options, especially for women.

There are special swim dresses available, in all shapes and colors. There are flattering wrap-ups and sarongs, as well as t-shirts and shorts.

Most men prefer short and t-shirt as beach clothes, as do most kids though there are wide range of beautiful beach dresses available for girls of all ages.

Beach Shoes

Good beach shoes are also necessary for a day at the beach. Sandals are always popular choice for both sexes of all ages. Waterproof shoes that you can wear in the sea are also great option. Not only can you walk comfortable on the hot sand, the shoes also protect your feet while in the sea, i.e. if you step on something sharp.


Good sunglasses with UV protection are must when you are out in sun all day. The FDA (the government agency that oversees sunglass manufacturers and sales in the US) recommends sunglasses with lenses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB radiation. The label should therefore read either UV 400 or 100% UV protection.

UV protection in sunglasses is important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems, such as photokeratitis, snow blindness, cataracts to name few.

Sun Hat

Good sun hat is also one of the beach wear essentials. Everyone should own one, not only men with diminishing hairline (they should not only own one, they should use it most of the time).

See our comprehensive Buying Guide To Sun Hats. The article will help you find the right one for you.

Beach Towel

Travel towel is great idea if you are short on luggage space, i.e. if backpacking around the world. However, if you are on a few weeks beach vacation, or heading for a day at your local beach, then you are likely to want to bring something more substantial.

When buying a beach towel, make sure it is wide and long enough for your whole body, and is machine washable. Look for lightweight and quick drying towels as well.

Beach Bags

You will need sizeable beach bag for all the things you need to bring with you for the perfect day at the beach. There is towel of course, book or magazines to read, refreshments, beach camera to capture memorable moments, toys for the kids, etc.

There are so many great looking and fun beach bags available, there is definitely one out there to fit your style and character.

Picnic bags is great option if you like to bring your own food and drinks to the beach. They normally come with cutlery set, set of durable plastic plates and glasses.

They have insulated food storage compartment that help keep your food and beverages cold.

We really like the Eagle Creek Getaway, it is designed with security in mind and is well organized like all Eagle Creek products.

It has padded pockets to protect your electronics, fleece-line eyewear pocket ideal for your sunglasses or glasses, and has water bottle holders on the side.

Beach Accessories

Now you can fill your beach bag with all the things you need for the perfect day at the beach. For inspiration, see our Top 10 Beach Gear For A Great Day At The Beach.

We hope you enjoy your beach vacation and look great in your beach clothes and with your beach accessories. We are not envious at all...

Shopping Beach Clothes Online

Amazon offers wide range of beachwear for both sexes. They offer free shipping on orders over certain amount and their return and refund policy is as good as it gets. You can't go wrong shopping on Amazon.

Top Beach Travel Tips

Do not forget your Sun Protection, recommended minimum sun protection factor is SPF 30. If you need to use insect repellent make sure you apply your sunscreen on your skin first and then the insect repellent.

It is also important to stay hydrated, so make sure you bring enough to drink (or money to buy drinks).